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Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed PDF Free Download Part 1, 2, 3

Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed PDF free download part 1, 2 and 3.

You can download this remarkable and full of knowledge book from this page. It is also one of the most read books in Urdu literature. The author, respected Sir Ashfaq Ahmed (late) was not only a big author, but he was also a highbrow and a great person.

Zavia by Ashfaq Ahmed PDF Free Download Part 1, 2, 3
Zavia PDF book by Ashfaq Ahmed

Sir Ashfaq wrote many books as well as TV plays. He always tried to make a better society by educating people through his vast knowledge of spirituality and modern science. He taught people, especially youngsters that how they can achieve true happiness.

In this book Zavia PDF, Sir Ashfaq explains that how helping others in their small tasks can make us happy. When we make others happy by doing some simple tasks, we automatically become happy.

English translation of some quotes from Zavia and other books by the author

“Sun! Pain is what we feel when we see others in trouble, otherwise even animals can feel their own pain.”

“I analyze others at once, I tell just in one second that which person on my street is corrupt, what is the fault in my friend, but I never see my own fault.”

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“Said: A fly is very kind to human and you are killing it. I said: how is it so kind? He said: without taking any rent or tax it comes to tell the human that there is dirt here. Keep it clean and I will go. You should first clean your place and see it will go away.”

“Leave everyone for your mother, but never leave your mother for anyone because when a mother weeps then angels also weep.”

“Don’t lose courage after hearing voices against you, audience keep making noise, not players.”

“Human is a very interesting creature, it can’t bear when see animals in trouble, but it becomes happy seeing humans in trouble.”

“I have seen sinful people weeping in nights and have seen good people laughing at others. Whose character is good and who’s bad only ALLAH knows. Because a human only loves a good human while ALLAH never leave alone even a bad man.”

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“If you are suffering for something, just try that others don’t suffer because of you whether it’s relationships, happiness or peace.”

“I learnt on several stages of life that there is no one with me except ALLAH. And then I realized that it is too much better if only ALLAH is with me.”

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