You Are Not So Smart PDF English book

You are not So Smart PDF English Book (Online)

You are not so smart is a very popular English book. This is also a bestseller and it is written by David McRaney. Today we will review this self help book and we will also share its link here. This work was published by the Penguin group (USA) in the year 2011.

You are not so smart | A short review

In this wonderful book the author has discussed about the human thinking and beliefs in a very interesting way. He has challenged our imaginary philosophy about our stupid concepts and individual beliefs. He has criticized on our illusions that why do we satisfy ourselves with the fictive stories. Why do we try to prove to others that we know better than anyone. In addition, he has also used humor to describe our confusing behavior and uncertain actions on some occasions. While there are 48 simple and informative chapters in this book.

The author McRaney is a journalist. He is also managing a blog with the same title ‘you are not so smart’. Although a big part of this work is already available on his blog, but the chapters he has added in the book are really enjoyable. However, the early few chapters are a bit difficult to understand. The people who have some knowledge of psychology will really enjoy reading this literary stuff. Furthermore, you will easily learn a lot of things that you can’t get even in a psychology class. Overall, we can say that you are not so smart is an excellent book. We recommend everyone to read it.

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Where to get ‘You are not so smart’?

This useful book is available to download on several websites. But it is in copyrights, so we didn’t share its link here. However, its audio version is free on Amazon with Audible trial.

You are not so smart Free Audio book with Audible Trial

If you love books and authors, then you should buy it. You can purchase it from Amazon. If you wish so, then we have also placed the links below.

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