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Download Wuthering Heights PDF, Kindle and Epub versions from this page. It is a very nice classic story of love and revenge. The author was Emily Bronte, who wrote only this single novel in her life between 1845 to 1846. While it published in 1847 just one year before Emily’s death. Later Emily’s elder sister Charlotte published its second edition after editing the manuscript in 1850.

Wuthering Heights book review

Wuthering Heights PDF

Wuthering Heights is a classic masterpiece of human emotions. The feelings of its characters and their reactions have made this novel an emotional thriller. Usually we see a hero and heroine in a story, but there is no actual heroine or hero in this novel. Besides this it still forces the reader to quickly turn the pages.

The story is all about the life of a mysterious person Heathcliff. He was an orphan and adopted by a rich man Mr. Earnshaw, who was the owner of Wuthering Heights. He gave him a lot of love like a son. The daughter Catherine also comes closer to Heathcliff. But Earnshaw’s son Hindley always hates him. After Earnshaw’s death Hindley becomes more cruel to Heathcliff and behave him like a servant. On the other hand Catherine involves with another man Edgar Linton. Now Heathcliff leaves the Wuthering Heights and runs away. After three years he returns as a mysterious wealthy person. And starts taking the revenge from those whom he thinks have destroyed his life.

The first edition of the novel in 1847 was not successful. But in 1850, when Emily’s sister Charlotte published its second edition after editing, it widely received by the readers. After that, it never looked back and now it is included in the greatest novels the English language.

This classic book has some fantastic content that makes it a glorious romantic story. A mentally disturbed family, cruel and vicious characters, the dark madness of ex lovers, uncontrolled passion and Bronte’s sharp style of writing require you to read it at least once.

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