All the Way to Fairyland Fairy Stories eBook Free

Today we will share the download links of the eBook of All the Way to Fairyland Fairy Stories in PDF, Kindle and EPUB formats. First published in 1897. The name of the author is Evelyn Sharp, who was a notable British author. She had published in The Yellow Book, which was the prime journal of the late 19th century in England. Including this one she also wrote many other novels. She mostly wrote children’s fiction and was popular for her work.

An excerpt from All the Way to Fairyland Fairy Stories

All the Way to Fairyland Fairy Stories eBook Free

There was once a wonderful country in which everything was beautiful. All the trees, and the flowers, and the birds, and the animals were just as beautiful as could be imagined; and the shops, and the houses, and the palaces were the same. Of course all the little girls and boys were beautiful, too; but that is the same everywhere. Now, whether it was because of the beauty of his kingdom, or whether it was merely on account
of his royal birth, it is impossible to say, but the King was so extremely nervous that his life was no pleasure to him.

“I cannot bear anything noisy,” he said. “Noise is so very alarming.” So when the baby Princess cried, he sent her away to another King’s country, to be brought up in a village nobody had ever heard of, so that her royal
father should not be disturbed. And when he heard that the Queen, his wife, had gone after her, he hardly raised his royal eyebrows. “She laughed too much,” he observed, thoughtfully.

The palace grew quieter day by day. The ladies in waiting were forbidden to wear high heels because they made such a clatter on the marble floors; so everybody knew for the first time how short everybody else was.

Every courtier whose boots creaked was instantly banished, and if he had a cough into the bargain he was beheaded as well; but the climate was so delightful that this very rarely happened. In time, everybody at court
took to speaking in a whisper, in order to spare the King’s nerves; and it even became the fashion to talk as little as possible.

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