War of The Worlds Book Download

The War of the Worlds book is another great literary work of the late 19th century. You can download it from this page. Its author was the father of the science fiction genre H. G. Wells. The publisher was William Heinemann. They first presented it in magazines in the UK and the US.  After that they published it in hardcover in 1898.

The War of the Worlds book review

War of The Worlds Book

The plot relates to invasion literature. In the late 19th century, several authors wrote books that described the life on other planets. This idea was popular at that time. Just like The Time Machine, which was the earlier novel by the author, The War of the Worlds book is also very popular. The story details a clash between humans and an extraterrestrial creature.

Well has beautifully written this story. Somewhere it is thrilling and some parts are philosophical. It predicts a probable future of human development. Furthermore, the author also warns against overestimating the human intelligence. It was interesting for the readers of that time for the technology it describes. It is still a best choice to read for the science fiction lovers. However, it is more entertaining in criticizing the human behavior, Victorian society, their superstitions and prejudices.

Although after publication some people criticized on the violent aspect of some events in the novel. Though, overall the majority of the critics and readers received it very positively. It is also one of some most commented and reviewed literary works of the science fiction genre.

The War of the Worlds book is a very early and the best example of alien assault. Which has made it a very important book of sci-fi category. Later, several authors has adopted this inspiring work in their writings. Besides this various radio dramas and TV series as well as many movies based on its plot have also been made.

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This classic work is available for free on public domain. We have given its links below. The source is Gutenberg.org.

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