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In this post you will get the download links of a classic historical novel War and peace PDF version. This magnificent literary work is the masterpiece of the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy. The novel intertwines the livings of individuals and common people at the time of Russia’s wars and the Napoleon’s invasion.

War and peace book review

War and Peace PDF Free Download

Many readers take it as a challenge to read War and peace when it comes to its length, war descriptions, detailed explanations and seemingly endless dialogs. Tolstoy compiled this book after an intensive research. He met and talked with a lot of people who were alive at the time of Napoleonic invasion. He also studied all obtainable literary material of that time about this topic.

Despite all this War and Peace is not hard to read. The readers who already have some knowledge about Napoleon or if they have seen the BBC miniseries they will learn everything more easily. Though the novel is far better and more detailed. The writing style is very easy which takes you from family to family and makes you feel yourself so close to every person in the story.

The plot is based on the universal themes of humanity, sacrifice and patriotism. Its story revolves around five families, the Bezukhovs, the Rostovs, Bolkonskys, Drubetskoys and the Kuragins.

The novel begins with a high class dinner party. You are lightly introduced to a few main characters. In addition, you also learn the present situation of the day. As the plot moves on you meet with all other protagonists. You will see a large number of characters, but only a few of them are noteworthy.

Tolstoy nicely presents some memorable imaginary characters together with historical figures. Pierre, Natasha, Nicholas, Princess Mary and Andrei are the wonderful characters whom you will feel like a real human. Tolstoy has presented them in this way as if they really existed at that time. His assumed humans have all the powers, weak points and  complex feelings that a real man has like hope or dismay and egoism or kindness.

War and Peace PDF and other links

War and Peace is not only entertaining, but it is also extremely educational. You will learn a lot about history. If you haven’t read it or you want to read it again, then you can download a copy from the links below. This work is in the public domain. The source is Gutenberg.org

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