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uncle tom's cabin pdfToday we will share the download link of the 19th century’s best selling novel. Its title is Uncle Tom’s Cabin PDF. The name of its author is Harriet Beecher Stowe. She was an American teacher and also an active abolitionist. The publication date of this anti-slavery novel is March 20, 1852. However, before this it was published in an abolitionist magazine named The National Era. They presented its 40 weekly episodes. After publication, it became so popular. It was the most popular work of that time. This wonderful book is available in almost all major languages of the world.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin PDF book review

This heart-touching novel explores one of the biggest evils of the mankind. The main theme of the novel is the wrongdoing of slavery and evil. The author describes the reality of slavery in a very sentimental way. She reveals its hidden facts that you might not aware before. How dehumanized way these slaves were treated. Another important theme of the plot is faith. The story revolves around Uncle Tom and his related characters. He is a black slave who is continuously suffering under various slave owners. The undefeatable faith of Uncle Tom in every hard situation truly puts a positive impact on readers.

The compelling story of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and powerful characters have placed it among the literary classics of all time. While it has also put a very positive impact on American history. Its thought provoking message and wonderful lessons effect on the hearts of the readers. They have to change their opinion about slavery after reading it. Uncle Tom is one of the most inspirational characters of literature.

After release it got viral among the readers. While the abolitionists widely accepted and praised its message. It worked as a source of courage for their cause. On the other hand it also became the cause of a big controversy. The defenders of slavery started to protest against its author and publishers. They also wrote several books in response to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

In the 19th century, most of the writers wrote stories in melodramatic and sentimental style. Stowe has also adopted this style. Although readers hugely liked it, however the critics disapproved this style of writing. They accused that this kind of literature, especially prominent women’s ineffective emotions.

Download links of Uncle Tom’s Cabin PDF

This remarkable work of historical fiction is available in the public domain. You can avail it by visiting the link below. Its a zip file containing PDF, Epub and Kindle files.


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