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Ulysses book PDF is available online in the public domain. Today we will review and also share the links of this modernist novel of the 20th century. The name of the author is James Joyce, who was an Irish. It published in 1922 by Sylvia Beach publishers. However, before this it appeared in parts during 1918 to 1920 by The Little Review magazine.

Ulysses novel review

Ulysses Book by James Joyce

If you like to find the hidden meanings from someone’s writing, then you will be happy to read Ulysses. It will keep you busy with its hidden treasures. There are a lot of phrases and words that will amaze you. They will force you think that these words must have been created by Joyce himself.

This is a huge and a very long novel. It has eighteen episodes or chapters. Each chapter has a theme and a method of writing that relates between the characters of Ulysses and of the Odyssey. Ulysses has been remained controversial in many ways since its publication. People have been criticized on its length, obscenity, and difficult phrases. However, there were also several readers who praise its experimental text, extensive humor, beautiful language and plentiful characterization.

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Some readers don’t bother to read it thinking that it will take too much time. Don’t think about its heavy length. No doubt it is too long and full of difficult words and sentences. Like some puzzles that you have to solve. But it is one of some superb psychological novels in the history. It may be a painful reading for some lazy people because they have to struggle to find the meanings. But like a sea, Ulysses book contains so much in it. It is one of the literary works that should be read at least once in life.

A short introduction about the author of Ulysses book

James Joyce the Author of ULYSSES Book
The Author of ULYSSES Book

James Joyce was a well known Irish writer and poet. He was born in a middle class family in Dublin. When we talk about the most influential and great writers of the 20th century, his name must be included in the list. He is mostly known by his innovative use of language in his novels. His technical experiments, use of symbolic parallels and introducing an invented language by his own created words have given him a unique place among all authors. Besides Ulysses, his other notable works are Dubliners (Short stories), A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and his last novel Finnegans Wake. He also wrote 3 books of poetry. Joyce died in Zurich on 13 January 1941.

Ulysses book PDF download links

You can download this classic novel of the previous century from the links we have shared below. While the source is Gutenberg.org.

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