To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf Download

To the Lighthouse novel first published on 5 May 1927. The author of this modernist work was Virginia Woolf. This was her fifth novel. It is also one of her most autobiographical works of fiction in which she used her own childhood experiences nearby 1900s.

A short review of the English novel To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Adhering to the tradition of modernist authors the plot is secondary to its philosophical self-analysis. The plot consists of small dialogues and nearly no action. The bulk of the story is presented as feelings and experiences. The novel recollects childhood inner thoughts and highlights grown up interactions. Among the novel’s numerous themes are loss, subjectivity, class structure, the nature of art and the difficulty of sensation.

About the plot

Without any well-informed narrator, there are three portions in the book. The Window, Time Passes, and The Lighthouse.

The plot is set in the Isle of Skye at Ramsays’ home. At the start of the first section Mrs Ramsay tries to ensure her son James that they will certainly go to the lighthouse tomorrow. However, Mr Ramsay refuses this prediction because he is not sure about the weather. This opinion creates a tension between both husband and wife as well as between Ramsay and James too. Throughout the first portion whenever Mr and Mrs Ramsay’s context comes, the reference of this particular occurrence also comes.

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The 2nd portion is at odds with the 1st portion in shortening 10 years into a quick middle section. While Mrs Ramsay and many other characters die. The information about their deaths mentioned casually in the narrative. The First World war also lurks behind this part. In the third part of the novel, James becomes a young man. He finally makes a journey to the lighthouse. That he had wished 10 years ago.

This notable work of high modernism was one that ranked her among the must-read authors of the 20th century. The author shows in her especial way, thoughts, decisions and withdrawal’s which make an individual’s life so real. There is nothing straight and the conduct of the characters mimics according to location. The story moves and keeps engagement at a steady level. However, it requires attention. The readers have to check out every sentence carefully. Otherwise they could get lost in the descriptions and surprise, where they are in suddenly.

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To The Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf Download

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