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You can download The time machine book. We are sharing PDF, Kindle and Epub links of this science fiction novel of the late 19th century. The author of this inspiring work of fiction was H. G. Wells. It was first published in serial form in The New Review magazine. Its English edition was published by William Heinemann publishers on May 29, 1895. Almost all present copies are the reprints of this edition.

The time machine book review

The Time Machine Book

The story is described by an unknown narrator, who lives in London. It revolves around a Victorian scientist and discloses his theories of time travel. He invents a time machine which enables him to travel in time. Moreover, he is able to go back in past times or he can also reach to the future ages according to his wish.

He travels more than 802,000 years far in the future. Where he encounters the surprising races of people. The descendants of the modern human beings. One are The Eloi. They are little childlike people. They never work, only eat or keep playing and afraid of the dark. The other specie is the Morlocks. They remain hidden and only appear at nights. They are somewhat criminal and also a bit more clever than the Eloi. The Time Traveler spends some adventurous time during his stay among them.

There are several reasons that have placed it among the classics of English literature. Its themes, social class, the fantastic imagination of unseen places as well as its readability makes it a masterpiece of all times. The descriptions in the novel are really remarkable. H.G. Wells has nicely presented a scary portrait of the future humans. It is also one of the earliest works of science fiction that still attracts the readers of the modern age. In fact, we can say it will remain popular among the readers of the future generations.

Wells was the master of the science fiction genre. And his under review novel is also called the father of all time travel stories. This work also inspired many other authors and presented them a new idea. Several authors also used the term “time machine” in their writings. Several films, TV and radio adaptations of this book have also made it an important piece of literature.

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