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Today we are going to share PDF, Epub and Kindle download links of the three musketeers book. The author of this historically rich novel was Alexandre Dumas. He was a very popular French novelist. This fast paced classic work of literature published in 1844. It appeared in the Le Siècle magazine in the form of serials. This wonderful piece of work is also included in some well-liked novels of all times.

The three musketeers book review

The Three Musketeers Book download

This is the story of 17th century’s France. It describes the adventures of a poor young man D’Artagnan and his friends. He wants to become the Musketeer of the Guard so he goes to Paris. Here he becomes a friend of Athos, Aramis and Porthos. They are the three very powerful musketeers of the King’s regiment. Mr. De Tréville is their patron. Now the story follows D’Artagnan and his struggles. He and his friends destroy the strategies of Cardinal Richelieu and rescue the Queen of France. They also have to fight with the most dangerous female Milady.

The author Alexandre Dumas had done a lot of literary work. He is one of the authors whom work has been widely read. All of his written books are available in more than 100 languages worldwide. The three musketeers book is known as his most famous work. If you are eager to read the French literature, then it will be a great and fun choice. Dumas has presented some real events of the French history in his own romantic way.

According to the author’s opinion, there are some people who think money is everything. When it comes to selection they choose money not love. However, some people believe in love. Although they have to face difficulties in their life they never afraid. The book teaches that the person who gives priority to love rather than money is a superior man.

This tremendous story of adventure, romance, intrigue and humanity with Dumas’s brilliant style of writing will bind you. You will continuously find a new twist after a few pages. It will force you to read it without any break. It gives you full joy and laughs along with knowledge.

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