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You can download The Tell Tale Heart PDF, Epub or Kindle versions from this page. This short story published in 1843. The name of the author is Edgar Allan Poe. It is one of the most popular tales by Poe. It is also included in the literature that is undoubtedly considered as the classics of the Gothic fiction.

The Tell Tale Heart – Review

The Tell Tale Heart PDF by Edgar Allan Poe

This classic tale is not quite frightening, but it is full of suspense and thrilling. The motif of the story is simply a horror. If you prefer to read the tales which can be kind of frightening give the spooks to you or if you enjoy homicide narratives, then you may need to take a look at The tell tale heart PDF.

The narrator of the story is an unknown person, who is a psycho, but tries to assure the readers about his peace of mind. He kills an old man whom he works for and he does this murder quite properly. After killing he cuts the body into several pieces. He conceals all that piece underneath the floor inside the house.

There are two main characters. It is uncertain what relation both of them have. One is our insane narrator and the other is an old man, who has a vulture eye that looks like an evil eye. The narrator hates his eye that is extremely irritating him. He is as vexed as he decides to attack the old man at night. Although he also admits that he loves the old man and he can’t kill him while his eyes are closed.

After waiting of several nights at last he gets the opportunity to finish him. When the policemen arrive and investigate the narrator suddenly begin to feel guilty. He considers he is able to hear the beating of one’s heart underneath the ground. He’s convinced it can be heard by the cops too. It overwhelms him, and because he’s really convinced they have heard it, he admits his crime. While in actuality, it’s his guilt which leads him to confess his sin.

Poe’s best specialty is his improvement of characters in addition to his comprehensive imagery. He had the talent to present an ideal situation of the scenes in the reader’s mind. His style of portraying the characters is amazing. The Tell Tale Heart PDF is kind of a story that everyone should read at least once.

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