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You can download the PDF of The story of the other wise man book from this page. We have also shared its Kindle and Epub links here. This short novel published in 1895 and after publication, it reprinted a number of times.

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The Story of the Other Wise Man PDF

A wise man Artaban, who is a priest of the Magi, perceives signs that the time is close at hand for the appearance of a holy Prince. He is to join the other 3 Wise Men for a long journey into Judaea to honor the birth of their prince. However, he left behind to help a dying person. Will he reach his destination? Read the book to find out.

The author of this short novel was Henry van Dyke. He was an American writer and a professor of English literature. This story was one of his most popular writings. According to him, the concept of this work came at once into his mind in a sleepless night while he was suffering from his poor health. He felt that this was a “gift” given to him.

The Other Wise Man is a beautiful story with a very simple writing style. It’s kind of the books that everyone should have in their home.

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