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The Sound and the Fury novel first published in 1929. The author was William Faulkner. He was an American writer and this was his 4th novel. After publication, it was not so successful. However, when his 6th novel, Sanctuary published in 1931, this also got commercial success. In this work Faulkner used many narrative styles.

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Reviewers regard this highly influential literary work as a key development in the literary technique ‘stream-of-consciousness’. Faulkner is also famous for his ability of recreating the human’s thought process.

The novel has four separate sections and the story is set in a town Jefferson, Mississippi. It centers on the tragedy of the Compson family. Their lives became fragmented by inheritance and history. Faulkner has given some memorable characters in the literature. The voices and actions of his characters have made this novel a masterpiece of literature. The unruly Caddy, the immature Benjy, unstable Quentin, pessimist Jason and their black servant Dilsey.

They are ex-aristocrats and now are struggling to overcome the cessation of their family and its repute. More than the thirty year period that has been mentioned in the story, the whole family falls into financial decline. Several tragic deaths of many family members also happen. Furthermore, they lose their religious beliefs as well as their honor in the town.

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The Sound and the Fury was also critically successful and it gained an important place among the greatest American novels. It helped Faulkner to receive a Nobel Prize in literature in 1949. All scholars consider it a masterpiece, though some modern readers might face problem with its unfamiliar narrative style. Although the use of vocabulary is basic but its grammar makes it hard to read for the new readers.

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The Sound and The Fury – William Faulkner

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