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The Secret Adversary novel is a short and nice work of fiction. First published in the UK in 1922. While in the USA it also published later in the same year. Before that, in 1921 it had appeared in “The Times” in 17 weekly episodes. It was the 2nd detective novel by the all time best selling author Agatha Christie.

In this novel Christie introduced the characters of Tommy and Tuppence. She also featured these characters in her 3 more novels as well as in a short story collection. All these novels which featured Tommy and Tuppence span the Christie’s literary career.

Some details about The Secret Adversary novel by Agatha Christie

The Secret Adversary Agatha Christie Novel Free

The Secret Adversary is not the book that engages you however, it’s a good read. It is not a murder mystery, though we can say its a spy story. With its humorous and a light tone it is a fun-filled read. Like Christie’s other novels the plot of this book is not as good. The story revolves around searching for a lost young lady who has some crucial information, and exposing the personality of deceptive Mr Brown.

After the first World War the childhood mates Tommy and Tuppence meet. Both are now young, but financially poor. They decide to start a business as The Young Adventurers. In a result of their advertisement they get a job which leads them to several risky situations. They also meet allies and an American millionaire who is searching his lost cousin.

Although The Secret Adversary could not impress the readers like Christie’s other works, though readers really liked the pair of both characters Tuppence and Tommy. Tuppence has a magnetic and impetuous personality, while Tommy is a practical and realistic person. That is why both make a fine team. After the war, they meet up and realize that in spite of the fact that they are friends since long but now they are in love with each other.

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