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Download a classic narrative poem of the 19th century The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. It published in 1845. This is one of the most loved poems of all time. In spite of the fact that it didn’t give any financial advantages to its author. However, the popularity of this poem made Poe a well known celebrity.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe review

the raven by edgar allan poe

In a December night an unnamed narrator is sitting in his room. To forget the loss of Lenore (his love lady) he is studying the old books. Suddenly someone knocks at the door. He checks, but no one there. Then someone knocks again. This time he opens the door and a Raven comes in the room and sits above the door on a bust of Pallas. The narrator asks its name. The Raven replies “Nevermore.”

The man is surprised to see that it can talk. The narrator takes a chair and sits near the bird. He asks several questions to the bird, but every time it replies with “Nevermore.” He assumes that probably it can’t speak other words except this one word.

Then it seems like that the room has become darker. He feels the presence of an angel in his surroundings. He thinks that he has come to help him to forget Lenore. The man asks this to the Raven but it again replies with the same word. Further, he asks will he be with Lenore in heaven. It again replies with its usual answer “Nevermore.” The man becomes angry and calls it a liar. When he orders the bird to leave, it continues to sit and repeats its word “Nevermore.”

The Raven is a first-person narrative. It consists of 18 six-line stanzas. The story is very nice. This painfully wonderful poem is all about the loss of a loved one. It is dark, desperate and known for its musicality and supernatural atmosphere. Poe was really a genius. It is not easy to write poems for horror, but he did it very well. He knew how to create a masterpiece. It is full of mystery, drama, rhythm as well as Poe’s amazing stylized language will entertain you.

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