The Power of Now Book by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now Book by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now Book by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now book PDF version is available online. We have found it’s link on the web. The genre of this New York Times bestseller is Spirituality or Psychology. The full title of this bestseller is The Power of Now  A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. The name of the Author is Eckhart Tolle. It first published in 1990.

Lets meet the Author of The Power of Now book PDF

Eckhart Tolle the Author of the power of now PDF
Eckhart Tolle the Author of the power of now book PDF

Eckhart Tolle was born in a small town in Germany in the year 1948. He is a well known and a famous writer. The one reason of his popularity is as the Author of the said book, The Power of Now PDF and also A New Earth (2005). The second big reason is that he is considered as the most spiritually influential person and an author not only in the United states, but also in the whole world.

According to Tolle, he remained unhappy and depressed in his childhood due to his parent’s fights and separation and also because of the second world war. He used to read the mystic and spiritual books during his teenage period. One night of 1977 when he was 29 years old and was extremely depressed, he experienced an “inner transformation” which changed his life. He is also managing a website see here.

The most popular books in this Genre The Magic of Thinking Big and The Power of Habit

A short review of The Power of Now book PDF

This is actually a self help guide for the people who remain sad about their past and worried for their future life. The Power of Now PDF strongly suggests the readers to give more importance to their present life. It also suggests some useful tips of relaxation. It advises the readers to spend their time in natural atmosphere and  avoid the future worries. Tolle has also briefly described his past experiences that are truly worth reading.

The Power of Now has been widely praised by the readers. It is also available in 33 languages of the world. More than two million copies of this marvelous creation sold till now all around the world.

Where to get The Power of Now book PDF

Due to copyright restriction, we can’t give direct links here. However, you can read it at We have seen it there.


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    • Dear Hassan, Of course these books may give us knowledge, but can’t give you “LIFE”. In order to have “TRUE LIFE”, Pls lets read the true word of God so that we can have and enjoy the righteous life which God through Lord Jesus Christ.
      2Peter: 2:16-19
      Grace unto you.

      • God, Eternal Consciousness, is only One, He has many names and forms, guiding souls according to His will and their paths, purposes and stages of development.
        If we read {and find} books, ancient scriptures, or even teachers, gurus, this is guided by Him and the thoughts we get while reading are given into our mind and so it somes that every time you read the same book, you will have different thoughts and feelings.


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