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The Picture of Dorian Gray book PDF download link is available on this page. The author was Oscar Wilde who was an Irish poet and dramatist. Being a very successful playwright of his time he also wrote several short stories. The under review book was his only one novel. First of all it published in 1890 in the Lippincott’s Magazine.

Some details about The Picture of Dorian Gray book PDF

The Picture of Dorian Gray Book PDF

Dorian Gray book is a remarkable piece of literature. It is a disturbing tale of a young man who goes out to sell his soul. This was actually a novella that the author wanted to present in monthly serials.

Due to its topic was highly controversial. Therefore the editor had censored several indecent sentences from this edition. Despite this excision Oscar Wilde still could not remain himself away from the book reviewer’s extremely harsh criticism. Even they demanded for his punishment to offend the public feelings.

Wilde angrily responded to the critics. However, before the publication of the book version, he simplified the morality of the story. He deleted some material from the novel that was most disputed. Wilde also added a preface in the book to make the readers understand about the story. He explained the importance of beauty, art and an artist’s job in society. This revised edition published in 1891.

Harvard University Press published an uncensored edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray in 2011. It contains the entire original script that the author had written before its first publication.

This philosophical novel is an example of the 19th century’s Gothic fiction. It is a great read of self-indulgent and hedonistic egoism. With its perfectly paced story, memorable characters and some powerful themes make it a literary classic. The main theme is aestheticism and how it relates to living a dual life.

Dorian Gray is a very interesting and readable character. It depicts the various aspects of a man’s personality. The author combines the reflections of an aristocrat and a lower-class man in this character. He tells us how an apparently gentle soul corrupts when someone give him a wrong guidance.

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