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The Pickwick Papers book in PDF, Epub and Kindle free download.

This was the first novel by the great author Charles Dickens. First serialized in 19 issues from March 1836 to November 1837 while the book version also published in 1837. The publisher was Chapman & Hall.

Book description

The Pickwick Papers novel is a long series of stories and humorous adventures. It is full of ridiculous explanations of social quirks. As usual Dickens again drew his characters comically with excessive personality traits.

The main characters are Samuel Pickwick and his friends. These wealthy gentlemen want to get out and experience the other parts of the country. So the narrative describes their amusing adventures. It also highlights some insights into the lifeways of Victorian society.

Due to its several memorable characters, this novel has a literary importance. Dickens was only 24 at that time and he was also a poor and unknown man. After publication of this work he started his successful literary life. He became a world famous literary celebrity in just a few years.

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