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The Perfumed Garden is a classic work of Arabian erotic literature. Today we are presenting here the download links of this 15th-century’s sex guide for married men. The name of the author is Umar Ibn Muhammad Al-Nafzawi. He wrote it between 1410 to 1434 in Tunisia. Sir Richard Burton was the man who first translated this book into English in 1886.

The Perfumed Garden book review

The Perfumed Garden by Al-Nafzawi Download

This literary account guides married men for healthy and joyful coitus. It contains tips about sex positions and techniques. Furthermore, it also suggests how to cure impotency and writes about some remedies of sexual disorders.

The author describes his views about the qualities that a woman or a man should have to be sexually attractive. According to his opinion women often attract towards other men if they are sexually unsatisfied with their husbands. Al-Nafwazi teaches that how one can satisfy his wife to establish a pleasing marital relation.

If someone thinks it’s a pornographic content, then it’s not true. Although somewhere it feels lewd but it does not provide any unnecessary details. This book is a pack of knowledge and amusement together. Through a unique collection of erotic tales the author provides a very useful awareness. Al-Nafzawi has included a long list of different names of penis and vagina. Along with human he also explains sexual relations between the animals.

There is no doubt that The Perfumed Garden is one of some prominent and significant books about eroticism in the literature. The author was an intelligent man who also had some imaginary concepts. With his funny narrative style, he states intentionally a lot of fictional acts of intercourse that joyful for readers. Where his explanations about the sexual act are enjoyable on the other hand, they also disclose that this work belongs to a genius. This enduring literary work will entertain and enlighten the readers for generations.

Download links of The Perfumed Garden

We have collected its download links from the public domain. You can save a copy from the below links.

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