The Old Man and The Sea PDF (Online)

We are sharing today The old man and the sea PDF version’s link. It is a very famous English novel by Ernest Hemingway. It had been published in 1952 by Charles Scribner’s Sons.

Lets meet the Author of The Old Man and The Sea PDF

Ernest Hemingway the Author of The Old Man and The Sea PDF
Ernest Hemingway the Author of The Old Man and The Sea PDF

The graceful man you are watching in the given image is the Author of this wonderful novel. His full name was Ernest Miller Hemingway. This American writer was born in 1899 in a respected family of Oak Park, Illinois. When he left the high school, he first became a journalist before writing the novels. He also served as an ambulance driver in Italy during the first world war.

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Hemingway first started to write short stories. In addition, he also wrote several novels and short story books between the period of 1920 to 1950. The most of the Hemingway’s work is considered as American classics. His other notable works are:

  • 1. Indian Camp
  • 2. The Sun Also Rises
  • 3. A Farewell to Arms
  • 4. The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
  • 5. For Whom the Bell Tolls

This great writer died in 1961 by committing suicide.

Some more information about the old man and the sea PDF

The Old Man and The Sea PDF

Hemingway’s last masterpiece the old man and the sea became the most popular. The story is about an old fisherman Santiago, who does a great struggle to survive against a big Marlin fish. During the period of a lot of days to months and along with an unforeseen struggle Santiago finally catches it.

In the year 1953, this novel had received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, while in 1954 the Author also won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Several critics also gave it good reviews. Therefore, his publisher named it the “new classic”.  It was also adopted for the films for three times.

By writing this great novel, Hemingway became a celebrity. While, in several countries this book has also been included in the English language syllabus.

The Old Man and The Sea PDF (Online)

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