The Most Dangerous Game PDF Free Download

Today we will share download links of The Most Dangerous Game PDF, Kindle or Epub versions on this page. This short story belongs to the classic literature of the previous century. While the author was Richard Connell. He wrote it for a periodical named Collier’s, in which it first appeared on January 1924.

The Most Dangerous Game book review

The Most Dangerous Game PDF Free Download

The story is based on the topic, human hunting human where the hunter himself becomes hunted. When The Most Dangerous Game published, the richest Americans of that time were keen of the big-game hunting in safaris. Connell wrote this story by inspiring that risky hunting game.

The plot revolves around Rainsford, who belongs to New York. He is a big-game hunter, but one day he is himself hunted. Once upon a time he incidentally falls off his yacht. Luckily he is near to an island in the Caribbean. He swims and reaches that out of the way island. Here he finds a big mansion that’s owner is a Russian General Zaroff who is also a big game hunter. The island is inhabited by Zaroff but he wants some more thrill. Rainsford meets with the General and they share their common passion “hunting”. Now Zaroff wants to play with Rainsford the most dangerous game as an entertaining challenge.

Connell has perfectly presented an eerie sketch. The Most Dangerous Game is a well-structured story with emerging characters. Especially the antagonist Zaroff. A pleasant and calm, but brutal villain. You will remain amazed by his unbelievable hunting skills.

If you want to entertain yourself with a wonderful short read, then we highly recommend it to you. It will give you a full dose of thrill, horror, suspense and excitement just in one sitting. In spite of its satisfying ending, you will have to wish if it were longer.

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The Most Dangerous Game PDF Free Download

This classic short story is available in the Canadian public domain. We have shared its links below. It will remain in your memory for a long time.


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