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Download The Metamorphosis PDF, Epub and Kindle eBooks from this page. This novella is a great work of fiction of the last century. The author was Franz Kafka, and it is considered one of his best creations. First published in 1915, and it remained very popular among the western readers. It is also regularly studied by the students in the US and European countries.

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka – Review

The Metamorphosis PDF Free eBook

The story of the Metamorphosis is about a young walking salesman Gregor Samsa. He works hard for his family because his parents and sister only depend on him. One morning when Gregor wakes up, an extremely amazing incident happens with him. He finds himself as a large insect like creature which resembles to a huge beetle or cockroach. This extraordinary transformation occurs overnight. What’s the reason? Why? How? These kind of a question certainly appears in the reader’s mind. But, the answers or the reasons have not been explained.

Now, where this situation becomes ridiculous, on the other hand it is also very sad and teasing. Gregor feels himself a stranger in his own home who is also a burden on his family. Now the rest of the story shows Gregor’s continuous struggle to adjust his imposed condition.

If we truly review the Metamorphosis, then we can say it is a fantastic, well crafted and a short dark tale. With its depressing tone somewhere it resembles to real life situations. It gives a good message that we should think before doing anything, because some people around us may be affected by our actions.┬áThe way that Gregor’s family reacts after his horrible condition is shocking and makes the reader sad. Although his condition is ridiculous, but they should sincerely care of him as he did for them.

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