The Martian Book by Andy Weir

The Martian Book by Andy Weir {Online}

You can avail the Martian book online from this page. The author of this science fiction novel is Andy Weir. Weir first published it himself as an eBook in 2011. In the beginning readers used to get this eBook free from his website. He also provided its kindle version at the lowest price. Soon it became one of the top best sellers in the category of science-fiction at Amazon. Later in 2014 the Crown Publishing Group published it in hardcover. A film based on its story and with the same title was also released in the last year.

The martian book review

The Martian Book by Andy Weir

Weir wrote this book with a hard work of two years. He tried to present the events as real as he could. He researched deeply in astronomy, present technology and space related stuff. The Martian book takes the readers to the mysterious and amazing world of Mars. It contains a fantastic, thrilling story of life survival. Its wonderful imaginative plot puts the reader into the sea of surprise.

It describes the survival tale of Mark Watney, who is an astronaut and a botanist as well. He comes to Mars with mission Ares 3. Due to a heavy dust storm, they have to leave their landing site. Watney’s space suit punctures by an antenna due to the high wind. The crew thinks him dead and leaves without him. He remains alone stranded on Mars with no option to connect to NASA.

Everything here is against him. The cruel atmosphere as well as the limited food and oxygen will most likely take him near to death. But he is not intended to give up. He has nothing to get help but he is the man who has some extraordinary talent and courage. So, he uses his engineering and botany skills to stay alive. He also makes an amazing plan to send a signal to NASA. By doing these struggles he has full confidence that he will remain alive till the help arrives.

This beautifully crafted novel is really a fun and exciting read for those who like science fiction thrillers. Andy Weir has written it brilliantly with perfect pace. You can’t guess what is going to happen next. It will impossible for you to leave it without finishing.

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