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On this page you can download The Legend of Sleepy Hollow PDF, Epub and Kindle versions for free. This is a short horror story which published in 1820. While the author of this wonderful tale of imaginary fiction was Washington Irving.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Review

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow PDF

When someone talks about the earliest created fiction of America, this story is declared as a model. This perfect scary tale is truly a fun read. With Irving’s excellent writing style and a love triangle of Katrina, Brom and Ichabod it will not only entertain you, but the mystery of the horseman will also scare you.

The story takes you back to the early age of the 19th century. Here sleepy hollow is a small town where Ichabod Crane comes as a school teacher. Soon he meets with Katrina, a charming girl and also the daughter of a very rich man of the town. Ichabod tries to gain the love of Katrina. But there’s another man named Brom Bones also a candidate of Katrina’s hand. The brave and handsome Brom is totally different from the soft nature Ichabod, who is also not as good looking as the Brom.

This love competition between them continues till winter. One night during the Halloween party, Brom tells about an incident happened to him. An encounter between him and the headless horseman in which he hardly remained alive. This story frightens Ichabod. When he goes home alone, he also has to face the headless horseman. This encounter continues through the forest. Irving has left the ending up to the readers. This mystery of the horseman and Ichabod has always been remained a topic of disagreements.

This story is very different than what people have seen on TV shows or in the movie. The original character of their hero Ichabod Crane is not as brave and handsome as people have been watching on screens. Irving has used fantastic language with wonderful details and descriptions of things and atmosphere. His excellent style of story telling and selections of words makes it easy for the reader to exactly imagine the situation. In short, it is one of the best horror stories ever.

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