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The Kite Runner PDF

The Kite Runner PDF is a highly affecting English novel. We are giving here the link of this bestseller piece of literature, where you can avail it. This first novel by Khaled Hosseini came to the fore in 2003. The publisher was Riverhead Books. Due to its huge popularity, it was translated and published in 42 different languages. Only in the USA, its 7 million copies have sold. In addition, it also remained number one for two years on the New York Times best seller list.

The Kite Runner PDF book review

Khaled Hosseini the author of the kite runner PDF
Khaled Hosseini the author of the kite runner PDF

The Kite Runner PDF is an unforgettable story of the friendship between a rich boy Amir and a poor boy Hassan, who is the son of a servant of Amir’s father. Their love is more than a friendship. They grow up together. But then an incident occurs which leaves some horrible impacts on their lives. As we know that violence and death is very common in this troubled country Afghanistan. You will read several violent events such as barbaric beatings, open executions and also rape. One day a violent act happens against Hassan, but Amir can’t save him. He feels himself guilty. The next chapters of the book describe how Amir tries to correct his fault or sin.

The novel is set in the 70’s Afghanistan and of today. Hosseini has described the story in opposition to the disastrous backdrop of the country’s history. He has focused more on the family related problems, but on the other hand, he has also discussed country’s issues. The fall of monarchy, Russian military Interference, the difficulties of refugees and the upswing of Taliban.

Although it is a fictional story, but one can guess that it has been written on the bases of real events. It has all necessary things that make it a truly readable novel. This emotionally rich tale will show you the several layers of the human emotions such as allegiance, deception, guiltiness, violence, redemption and sex. The good thing is it also portrays the real and the true picture of Afghanistan’s culture and show some facts that most people don’t know before. It tells the readers that how were this country before all these troubling events.

When we talk about the reception some scenes in the novel created a controversy in Afghanistan. But, overall the majority of the reviews from critics and readers are positive. Further, this powerful novel has some flaws, but it also has some unique qualities that we must say The Kite Runner is a classic read.

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The Kite Runner PDF {Novel Online}
The Kite Runner PDF {Novel Online}

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