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On this page, you can download The King in Yellow PDF, Kindle or Epub versions. Published in 1895, while the publisher was Tennyson Neely. This collection of supernatural classic tales had been written by Robert W. Chambers, who was the great American writer. We can say this book is an example of some earliest horror fiction.

The King In Yellow – book review

The King In Yellow PDF epub Kindle free
The King in Yellow PDF

This book contains 10 brilliant stories. You can find all aspects of a superb novel in it such as fantasy, suspense, science fiction, myths and romance. However, the early stories have everything that the fans of horror literature always seek. In fact, it has something more than their expectations. The readers who have liked the Cthulhu Mythos, this is a must read book for them. The first four stories are listed below.

  • The Repairer of Reputations…
  • The Mask…
  • In the Court of the Dragon…
  • The Yellow Sign…

The plot of the King in yellow is full of extreme horror. This highly esteemed spine-chilling work has the power to make your mind mad. The play mentions these stories had been considered of inducing frustration or despair, especially in those people who had read it. The characters are memorable and also well written.

Chambers knew how to use the readers imaginary power. That’s why he has created the ambience that enables the reader to imagine the dreadful atmosphere and perceive the scary feelings. In short, this lyrical exquisite collection is as wonderful as it can grasp your mind.

A few details about the author

Robert W. Chambers the author of the king in yellow
Robert W. Chambers the author

Robert William Chambers was a fiction writer in America. Born in May 26, 1865 in Brooklyn, New York. He wrote short stories and novels on different genres like horror, supernatural, science fiction, fantasy and romance. He wrote a lot of stories and novels. The King in Yellow was his most important work. This highly admired work is also one of the major supernatural fiction works in America. Several modern authors, including H. P. Lovecraft have been remained his big fan and admirer. This great author died on December 16, 1933.

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This public domain book is available online. So, you can save this marvelous piece of work to read on your devices. See the links below while the Source is

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You can also get it in paperback or audible from Amazon.

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