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The Invisible Man PDF free download from this page. While the kindle and Epub versions are also available. This literary work is in the public domain.

The author of this classic science fiction novel was H. G. Wells and the publisher was C. Arthur Pearson. They presented it in serial form in the publisher’s weekly periodical ‘Pearson’s Weekly‘ in 1897. While the book version also published in 1897.

Book description

This is one of some early literary works of the science fiction genre. The story is based on this idea that everything around us is just an illusion of light. The plot of this third person narrative describes about Griffin, who is a mysterious scientist.

He successfully discovers a way to make a man invisible. So, he applies this method on himself and successfully becomes invisible. However, he remains failed to come back to his real condition. This situation makes him extremely sad and desperate, while the readers get an amazing story to read.

The author’s language and the writing style are really interesting. If you like to read science fiction, then you should read this novel as well as all other books of H. G. Wells.

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