Today we will review and share the link of a superb young adult novel. Its title is The Fault in Our Stars PDF. This realistic fiction has been written by the most liked author of the present age Mr. John Green. It was published by Dutton Books in 2012. A successful movie based on its story was also released in 2014. Lets know something more about this emotional, breathtaking and hurting work of love and loss.

The fault in our stars PDF book review

The Fault in our Stars PDF

The story is about a teenage girl named Hazel. She is suffering from thyroid cancer. Due to the insistence of her mother, she has to attend a support group for cancer victims. Here she meets a young boy named Augustus. Both of them soon come closer. Hazel decides that she will never make any love relation with him. Because she knows she is going to die. But a situation comes when both of them have to admit that they are in love with each other. After the death of very sick Augustus, Hazel soon comes to know a tragic secret about him. Hazel learns that it is important in life to love others without any fear.

The Fault in Our Stars PDF has a brilliant and mature story. It presents a new idea of storytelling. This unique story has been described by the point of view of a cancer patient about her love life. John Green has successfully portrayed an image of a teen fighting cancer. A reader seriously realizes the situation that what someone feels when he knows he is going to die.

You will remain amazed how Green has described these details so brilliantly. His tremendous style of writing enables you to feel the characters so real. Before writing this novel he had deeply observed a teen who was a cancer patient. If you are a father or mother then you will also feel the pain of those parents whom child is near to die by some serious illness.

The Fault in Our Stars PDF is a bestseller novel. After publication, it was included and remained prominent in every bestseller list. It was translated in several languages. The majority of the critics and readers has also praised this heartbreaking story. If you are a sensitive person then it is possible that you like to read it again and again.

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