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Today we will take you 200 years back to the horror world of The fall of the house of Usher PDF. We will review and share the links of this scary and thrilling story with you. Its author was the master of the horror writings Edgar Allan Poe. It first published in 1839, that we also call the golden age of the horror fiction.

The fall of the house of usher – Summary and review

The story has been described by an unnamed narrator. He is the childhood friend of Roderick Usher, who urgently invites him because he remains sad due to his illness and he needs a companion. Usher lives with his sister, Lady Madeline in a very old house. These twin brother and sister are the only remaining members of a well-born family. Though, they are suffering from a mysterious disease. This strange disease has been imposed on their family like an affliction.

The narrator arrives and stays in their home. He tries his best to make his friend happy, but doesn’t succeed. Doctors are unable to find any treatment for him. The narrator makes an opinion that Usher is not physically ill. He thinks him mentally sick and call it hypochondriac that is making his friend more sick by every passing day.

While during his stay the narrator has to face some strange situations. He observes Madeline’s eerie behavior and her unnatural death. All this makes him too frightened. In the end, he runs away scared. The ending scene is really amazing and it will remain you terrify in nights for long.

Although the fall of the house of Usher is criticized for being a conventional story, but in fact it is truly a masterpiece of Gothic horror. It’s a must read for the scary story lovers. It is full of horrifying elements. The best thing is that each element is appropriate and all details are relevant. Furthermore, the style of story telling is what the Victorian horror story lovers always seek. Although it is too short, but still it has enchanting characters with a mysterious atmosphere and a dark theme. In short, this tale will give you full joy and thrill from start to end.

The fall of the house of Usher PDF and other versions’ links

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