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The Communist Manifesto PDFThe Communist Manifesto PDF or kindle versions can be found on this page. We will also review this political pamphlet. The actual title of this book is Manifesto of the Communist Party. Its Publication date was February 21, 1848. It had been authored by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who were the German theorists. Both thinkers have explained their theories and concepts regarding politics and the nature of the capitalist society. This non fiction pamphlet was originally written in German language. Later it was translated into English and many other languages of the world. When we talk about the world’s most influential and precious political manuscripts then The Communist Manifesto always remains at the top of the list.

The Communist Manifesto PDF book review

The Communist Manifesto PDF has dramatically put an impact on history. It helps the reader to understand the dynamics of the previous century. This well written work explains the thoughts and concepts of Marx and Engels. They created this intelligently analytical pamphlet after their cooperation of four years. It briefly describes their theory and ideas about the capitalist culture and its changing behavior. It analyzes the struggle of classes in a society and points out the difficulties of capitalism.

They create in the reader’s mind the image of a society which moves without classes. They criticize on the exploitation of industrial labors. This capitalist behavior gradually causes a revolution which leads to the downfall of Capitalism. This perspective had suggested a conceptual model for political systems, that’s impacts affected the lifestyles of a large number of people in several countries.

Up to the present age The Communist Manifesto is considered as a milestone text in political literature. Several writers of the 21st-century have also praised it’s persistent relevance. There are four sections or chapters in The Communist Manifesto. The first chapter talks about the connection between the middle class and blue-collars as well as it also puts light on the concepts of the Communists about history. In the second chapter we come to know the Communists correlation with the working-class. The third chapter points out the faults of the previous socialist authors that were found in their literary work. The interrelations of the Communists with all other parties have been described in the ultimate chapter.

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