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This page is offering you download links of The Call of the Wild PDF eBook. This great work of English literature first published in 1903. The author Jack London was an American. He was also one of the most financially successful writers of America. While this work is also one of the most popular stories by an American writer. This adventure novella is set in Yukon, Canada in the late 19th century when gold was found in northwestern Canada. At that time the trained sled dogs were highly in use.

The Call of the Wild book review

The Call of the Wild PDF eBook Free Download

The story of the book is about a big and strong dog. His name is Buck and he lives as a pet on a cattle farm in Santa Clara Valley. The novel begins when the gardener’s assistant kidnaps this dog Buck and sells him to a service as a sled dog. At first Buck attempts to rebel, but he is beaten. Therefore Buck realizes that fight is compulsory for his survival. Hence he has to struggle to be in charge of other dogs. As a result, when he finds the tough environment, he becomes gradually wild. At the end of the novel, Buck sheds the veneer of civilization, and depends on primeval instinct. He discovers how to appear as a commander in the wild.

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The Call of the Wild is a remarkable story of survival and come back. It explores the genre of animal fiction. Where a dog shows human characteristic. The author has attributed human thoughts to a dog. Hence, after the publication of the story, critics accused him to be a nature faker for associating “unnatural” emotions to an animal.

The book is also a good example of American pastoral-ism. A usual theme in American literature. Where a fabulous hero comes back to mother nature. That way he expresses a response in opposition to industrialization and communal convention.

London reveals the concept nicely and powerfully throughout the story-line. The long-lasting point of the novel is that it combined the allegory, moral tale and fable. It contains the elements of age-old animal fables where an animal speaks the truth.

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