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The Call of Cthulhu PDF by HP LovecraftWe are going to discuss today, something about The call of Cthulhu. Here you can also download this public domain book. This short story was published in 1928. The author H.P. Lovecraft had written it for the pulp magazine.

Review of The call of Cthulhu PDF by HP Lovecraft

This first story of Cthulhu mythos is very well structured. Written in old-fashioned style it builds up terror at a slow pace and takes the reader to a thrilling and horrific climax. Lovecraft was the fan of Edgar Allan Poe. The Call of Cthulhu is considered as one of his unforgettable stories. He used a language that is accurate and impressive. Unlike Stephen King’s direct horror, Lovecraft’s thought provoking style will make you scare at a leisurely pace.

The story is about a monster who belongs to the Elder Gods. These astronomical Gods and monsters are really horrifying and fearsome. They have intentions since long to rule the world by finishing the humans from the Earth. They are encouraged by some religious cults. These cults are hidden on Earth and they are waiting for Cthulhu to come back.

According to narrator Cthulhu is a terrifying monster. It has a very strange scaly body that looks like a mixture of an octopus and a dragon while its head is somewhat like a human. He lives in the sunken city of the Pacific.

The narrator came to know this story when he was checking some old papers. These strange notes owned by his granduncle, who had died mysteriously. Now the narrator is afraid. He thinks that because he has known a lot about Cthulhu therefore he might be the next victim of Cthulhu.

Lovecraft has described a world where humans are weaker than others. In his opinion human primacy is nothing against other planetary creatures. He builds the  atmosphere which creates the real fear and horror. The Call of Cthulhu is strongly recommended for the readers who want to read Lovecraft for the first time.

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