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You can download The Art of War PDF, Kindle or Epub versions from this page. It is a prehistoric Chinese military treatise. Almost all scholars believe that it was compiled more or less than 2500 years ago in some period of 5th century BC. Although it is uncertain who had compiled it. However, usually it is named to Sun Tzu as the author. He was a Chinese philosopher and a war strategist. In 1772, it was translated into French for the first time. While in the year 1910, it was translated and published in English by Lionel Giles.

The Art of War book review

The Art of War PDF Free Download

This superb book is one of the highly inspiring works of teachings about war and military strategies. It provides the wonderful ideas of war plans. In addition, it amazingly teaches how to deal with conflicts and how to win a battle. There are 13 chapters in this outstanding literary masterpiece. Every chapter highlights on a separate aspect and attribute of war and combat. It is also called an ultimate stuff on war maneuver and armed forces plan to action.

It has put a lot of effects on Eastern and Western thinking. In several countries military generals always refer and cite the theories of The Art of War while making a strategy. While like army people this book is equally helpful for the businessmen and politicians. Along with war plans it has had the impacts on legal tactics and business policies. It also presents the theories of diplomacy and managing the relations with other nations for a better state. In every field of life where a competition is involved the magnificent lessons of this book are truly useful.

According to the book it is impossible to imagine a life without conflicts.  It advises that it is good to avoid a battle. But if you fight you should win. It explains the methods to become unbeatable and requires to win without a battle. There are different strategies that can give the result. You can gain an impregnable power if you fully aware of the ups and downs or the psychology of a conflict. A wise person always tackles with conflicts sensibly and successfully. Hence, he can gain a victory without any fight.

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