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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDFThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF is one of some most liked novels of English literature. This masterpiece is available on this page for download. It was published in 1876. The author of this classic adventure novel is Mark Twain, who was a great American writer.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF book review

The story follows Tom. He is a teenage boy from a town St. Petersburg. This imaginary town is set same like the author’s hometown on the Mississippi. Tom is a very naughty boy. He lives in his aunt’s home. Mary and Sid are his cousins. He always creates troubles wherever he remains. Sometimes he flirts with Becky and sometimes he makes his aunt Poly worried. Once in a night Tom and his friend Finn accidentally see a violent scene happening. They become scared and decide that they will never tell this secret to anyone. Tom soon forgets and continues his wicked activities. But both friends soon get in trouble.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF is a cheerful and fun story. It is full of humor and suspense. It has been written about the childhood of the 19th century’s times. It will increase your knowledge about the 19th century’s America by showing you a glimpse of the people and customs of that time. The author has described about the Americans of that age who were the victims of superstitions.

The characters are so realistic and universal. Especially Tom Sawyer is the character which you can find everywhere. It is also considered as one of some earliest pure literary characters of America. This novel has been remained banned from reading in schools. The reason was its character Injun Joe, who is the villain. He represents the Native Americans, but it has been presented in a derogatory way.

The novel is actually a satire on some old traditions and misconceptions that the people of that time believed. In spite of it, it is a timeless humor, which children and adults both can enjoy. However, it is not easy to read. It may confuse some kids. Mark Twain has used some conversational phrases of that time, which are difficult to understand.

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This superb old classic novel is available as a public domain book. We have searched its download links that we are sharing below.

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