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If you want to download Siddhartha book PDF or other versions, then you can find its links here. The great German writer Hermann Hesse was its author and this was his ninth novel. First published in 1922 while in the USA it published in 1951. It is one of Hesse’s most influential works.

Siddhartha book review

Siddhartha Book PDF Free Download

In the Sanskrit language the meanings of the book’s title are (he, who has found the meaning of existence). The story is set in the time of Gautama Buddha. It is about a young Indian man and his journey to find spiritual enlightenment. His name is Siddhartha. He leaves his home in search of true peace and self discovery.

Along with his friend Govinda, he joins ‘the Samanas‘ a group of ascetics. Like them he also adopts renunciation, but he is still not satisfied. Then he meets with Buddha in search of wisdom. After the meeting he leaves the ascetic life and learns that knowledge should be experiential.

He leaves his friend who wants to become a Buddhist and he goes to the town across the river. Here a courtesan named Kamala aware him about the pleasures and sexual life. Further a rich merchant Kamaswami introduces him about money making secrets. However, after some time, tired and sickened by greed and lust Siddhartha leaves this life. Then he comes back to the river. Here he finds an aged boatman named Vasudeva and he becomes his helper.

Vasudeva is very kind and always guides Siddhartha. He also tells him about the sounds and meaningful messages that the river often discloses. While ferrying people here when he is near to despair one day he hears a sound of the river. This sound finally grants him what he was seeking.

After a few years while traveling to meet with near death Buddha, Kamala with her son incidentally meets with Siddhartha. He gets to know that the boy is his son. Kamala dies and after some days his son also runs away. Now he is an enlightened man. Here his mentor Vasudeva also leaves him alone.

Hesse wrote this novel as a common man’s perspective. He has adopted a nice lyrical style. It is good for those who like to read philosophical literature. With its psychological and spiritual themes it is an inspirational book for many readers. It forces you to wonder about things in your life from a different point of view.

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