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Romeo and Juliet PDF book free download from this page. While you can also find links to its Epub and Kindle versions. This tragedy about 2 young lovers from 2 feuding families first published in 1597. It is also one of the William Shakespeare’s most popular and continually performed plays. In this modern age, the title characters Romeo and Juliet are considered as exemplary young lovers.

The plot came from an Italian tale, while Shakespeare further developed it by adding a number of characters. Shakespeare’s dramatic and poetic use, for example, shifting between tragedy and comedy and the use of sub-plots to enhance the story is really admirable. This play also attributes various poetic structures to many characters, while its form also changes when a character develops.

A short review of Romeo and Juliet PDF book

When love climbs to the branches of destiny, there is no one to stop it. His name was Romeo, and he was a Montague, while she, Juliet, was a Capulet. The children of two noble families, rivals of Verona. They did not have it easy, but they knew that they were made for each other. A truth that has made them the most famous lovers of literature.

The story takes place in Verona (a city in Italy). There are two families who hate each other. The Capulets (family of Juliet) and the Montagues (family of Romeo), however, the book does not specify the reasons why these families hate each other. At first, Romeo is in love with a girl named Rosaline, which does not belong to him, so Romeo is devastated. One of his friends invites him to go to a party of the masks of the Capulet to find more beautiful women.

There, Romeo meets Juliet and immediately falls in love with her. But when the two find out about their respective lineages, they decide to hide their love and try to fight for it.

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Then there are other events that unleash clashes between the families. Since someone dies at the hands of Romeo and he is banished from the city. On the other hand, Juliet’s father forces her to marry another man and she does what she can, to avoid it. But everything gets out of hand, when Romeo believes that she is dead and he decides to die with her.

As we know that Shakespeare was very poetic, but you can’t imagine how much he was. Since each dialogue is so deep, it reflects a lot of inspiration to say such simple things. He added a lot of words that adorned a phrase and it really is something very beautiful. Even, there are some dialogues in Romeo and Juliet PDF book that really force a reader to read them more than once.

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