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Robinson Crusoe PDF, Kindle and Epub download links are available here. It is one of the oldest novels of the English language. Its publication date is April 25, 1719 while the author was Daniel Defoe. It is also the very early example of the realistic fiction in English literature.

After publication, people thought that this story is based on the real life events of the author. The majority of the readers considered Robinson Crusoe as the author, while he is actually the protagonist of the novel.

Book review

This is a superb story of the human spirit and struggle to survive in hard situations. The main character is Robinson Crusoe, who is also the narrator. He desired to become a sailor man, but he was not allowed by his father. However, when he became mature he left his family and went out to become a sailor.

He gained a lot of profit in his first business voyage and he purchased a cotton village in South America. Then he needed some slaves so, he traveled towards Africa. Unfortunately, his ship was destroyed by a tornado during the journey. All passengers dead only Crusoe could survive. He became unconscious. After waking up, he found himself on a beach. Now he had to live on that island.

He faced loneliness, lack of proper food and hard weather for twenty eight years. At certain periods he also had to battle with Cannibal barbarians, who arrived in the island. He rescued a man from them. Now this man became his best companion. He called him Friday. At last, one day a ship arrived on the island in the result of a revolt. Crusoe helped the captain and his companions regain their ship. Finally, he got a chance to go back to London.

The author of Robinson Crusoe PDF has used excellent terminology in the novel. He teaches the reader some remarkable lessons that indeed helpful in life. The big lesson is, never give up your hope in any kind of a situation. The language and narrating style are very simple. The phraseology and dialogues between the characters look realistic. This story is also suitable for children.

Robinson Crusoe PDF, Kindle and Epub download links

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Robinson Crusoe PDF, Kindle and Epub Download

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