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Read online or download Pride and Prejudice PDF free book. A great classic of the English literature. Its publication date was January 28, 1813 while the author was Jane Austen. Today we will share PDF, Kindle and Epub links of this all time favorite novel with you. It is one of the most admired and loved novels of every age. Its more than 20 million copies have sold all around the world till now.

Pride and prejudice | Book review

Pride and Prejudice Book Online
Pride and Prejudice PDF free download or read online

This novel of manners has a very simple plot and structure. It describes the story of a gentleman Mr. Bennet and his family. He lives in a town near London with his wife and five unmarried daughters. Mrs. Bennet remains a worry due to the doubtful prospects of her daughters’ marriages. She extremely wants to marry her daughters with rich husbands.

Meanwhile, a wealthy man Mr. Bingley and his proud friend Mr. Darcy come to live in their neighborhood. In the beginning, some interesting and romantic clashes occur. As a result, Bingley falls in love with the eldest Bennet girl, Jane. Though, Darcy feels difficulty to adjust here. Elizabeth, who is the second daughter of Mr. Bennet, her clashes with Darcy also occur again and again. Just like this, the whole story is truly enjoyable to read.

Elizabeth and Darcy are lovers, but their prides and prejudices have made a wall between them. Although, it produces interest however, because readers want magnificent ending so, this tension must be dissolved before the conclusion.

This literary Fiction is truly engaging for the readers of all ages. Its excellent plot, awesome characters, plenty of emotional and comic situations as well as suspense have made it truly popular even among the modern readers. Pride and prejudice book is considered as the 2nd most loved books ever in the UK. Whereas, the Australian readers have declared it number one among the 101 best ever books.

Some details about the author of this novel

Jane Austen the Author of Pride and Prejudice Book
Jane Austen, the Author

Jane Austen was a great English author. She was born on December 16, 1775. She is one of the world’s most read authors of the English literature. Moreover, she wrote mostly on romantic and social topics. The critics from all around the world always give her respect and importance. She died on July 18, 1817 at the age of just 41 years. Below is a list of his memorable novels.

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Pride and Prejudice PDF Free Download

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