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Pollyanna book PDF, Kindle and Epub versions are available here. It is a remarkable work of children’s literature. This classic of the early 20th century first published in 1913. It was a bestseller of its time. The author was Eleanor H. Porter, who was an American pen-woman. She mostly wrote children’s literature. The said book was her most notable work. Due to its wide success, Porter wrote its sequel in a short period of time. This sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up published in 1915.

A short review of Pollyanna book

Pollyanna Book PDF Free Download

The main character is Pollyanna Whittier. She is an eleven year old orphan. After her father’s death, she comes to live with her Aunt Polly, who lives in Beldingsville, Vermont. Polly is a rich spinster, but a grumpy woman. Due to her late sister, she unwillingly takes the responsibility of the girl.

Pollyanna is an optimistic girl who has a very positive behavior which her father had taught her. She calls it “The Glad Game,” in which she always finds something that makes him glad in every situation. Whenever someone meets her, he or she cheerfully inspires by her amazingly positive thinking. With her philosophy and caring personality Pollyanna turns her aunt and her dispirited town into a pleasant place.

In spite of all this, once she loses her spirit at a time when she becomes disable of walking due to an accident. On this occasion the people of the town encourage her. They tell her that they are living a better life than before just because of her wonderful philosophy. This once again brings to her courage a new life. So she starts thinking like before. At the end she is sent to a hospital to learn to walk again. While Aunt Polly marries with Dr. Chilton, who is her ex lover.

This tearjerker is still influencing people. Modern readers will be surprised to feel that the themes in the novel are still relevant today. You can also find it in new prints because it has steadily been printing since its publication. For the people who read it, this remarkable character of Pollyanna becomes a sample of courage.

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