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The Phantom of the Opera PDF free download from this page. First published in English language in 1911. Before that it first appeared in serial form in a French newspaper Le Gaulois from September 1909 to January 1910. The author of this novel was Gaston Leroux, who was a French writer.

A short review of the novel

The Phantom of the Opera is a great novel that combines the horror, romance and mystery genres. The main characters are Christine Daae, Vicomte Raoul and Erik (the ghost). Love and jealousy intermingle among themselves as a Shakespeare story.

The story centers on a ghost whom we know nothing. However, as the novel progresses, we discover its true way of being and its past. He scares employees of the Paris opera. Said the ghost blackmails the theater managers with 20,000 francs a month and with the exclusive reserve of box number 5.

The ghost also falls in love with one of the singers, Christine Daae, who through private lessons manages to enhance her singing. Once at a gala performance, she has to perform. Her childhood friend Vicomte Raoul de Chagny sees her there and he also madly falls in love with her. This will unleash the tragedy of the novel, for Christine will be torn between the love she feels for Raoul and the fascination with the phantom of the opera.

There is another fact that clouds the peace of the ghost and that is the change of managers of the opera. Since the new directors do not believe in the ghost and put obstacles in their requests. The ghost, dominated by madness, kidnaps Christine to make her his own and tries to finish off Raoul.

The Phantom of the Opera PDF novel is narrated from the point of view of a journalist, who tries to clarify the events that took place in the opera. The different deaths and the abduction of Christine. However, it combines the third and first person, since it introduces chapters of newspapers or letters of other secondary characters.

The story is supported by the plot, not by its characters except the ghost, who is the most enigmatic. One has the feeling that all the characters are somewhat empty. Leroux masterfully narrates certain situations of tension and drama. He handles very well the dosing of information for the reader to complete the puzzle of the story.

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The Phantom of the Opera eBook

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