Today we will talk about the English novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. You can also find its download link from this post. After The Pickwick Papers, it was the second work by Dickens. First appeared in serial form in a magazine during the period of February 1837 to April 1839. While it published in book form in 1838.

A short review of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens eBook

While reviewing this work when we talk about the plot and the writing style, we should also take into account the social conditions of that time. This is a realistic work about crime and poverty in England in the middle of the 19th century. It’s a powerful satire on the poor laws of that time.

The most popular writer of his age, Dickens was the master of creating  sentimental situations and airy-fairy characters. Moreover, he often brought into light the hideous facts of society. Being a big critic of social grading in Victorian society, he presented a shocking portrait of crime and poverty in this novel. He also disagreed with the middle-class criticism on crimes and criminals.

In this novel Dickens presents an utmost model character of a boy who is senselessly nice. His ethics remain intact, even in the worst case scenario. Bad conditions can never ruin his morality.

The story of this novel tells about an orphan named Oliver Twist. After a tragic birth, his early life starts in a workhouse. Here he lives with other children a terrible and ignored life. Oliver escapes and arrives in London where he finds himself insecure and alone between criminals. Then he meets with Jack Dawkins “the Artful Dodger” who works in a pickpocket gang. Their master is Fagin the Jew. To further the story takes a turn when a mysterious character enters, who has a relation to Oliver’s past. The author reveals this mystery slowly. This makes the novel more engaging.

Dickens nicely used Oliver’s life events to harshly criticize on hypocrisies, crimes training of street children and the workhouse systems of that time. The emotional situations, unbelievable coincidences and few out of the world characters really make it a masterpiece.

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