Notes From Underground by Dostoevsky Ebook

Notes from Underground PDF, Kindle and Epub versions are available on this page. This classic novella of the 19th century published in 1864. Its author was one of the great Russian writers, Fyodor Dostoevsky. A lot of readers call it an early example of existentialist novels.

Notes from Underground book review

Notes From Underground by Dostoevsky Ebook

This first-person narrative describes the author’s theories about religion, politics, humanity and the new western philosophy on rationalism. He tries to satisfy his mind by writing his confessions and fruitless attempts to become social.

A forty year old unnamed narrator recounts his memoirs. He was a Russian civil servant. Now he is retired and lives alone in St. Peters-burg. He is a bitter and reclusive man and want to remain hidden. Therefore critics call him the Underground Man.

The novel contains the notes that he has written. These notes seem like a puzzled and antithetical pile of memoirs. In his writings the underground man explains about his isolation and detachment from modern society.

This novel has two sections. The first section when the narrator is 40 years old is set in 1860s. This section titled Underground has been described in monologue form and not so long. It introduces the main character and his thoughts about his position opposed to the society.

A Propos of the Wet Snow, this is the title of the second section. It covers some particular life events of our narrator during the period of 1840s. When his age was 24 years. At that time his life was untidy and extremely solitary which made him a victim of seclusion. He narrates his failures to communicate with different people. While he desired to be social like them.

Furthermore, he describes his interactions with soldiers, a 20 year old prostitute Liza and his ex-school friends whom he had failed to treat normally. In a result, he had to face self embarrassment which became a cause of his deep regret and self loathing in 1860s.

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