A Modest Proposal Book by Jonathan Swift PDF Download

The author Jonathan Swift published this work anonymously in 1729. You can download A Modest Proposal book in PDF free from this page.

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Book description

A Modest Proposal PDF Download by Jonathan Swift

This is a satirical essay. The author mocked that the poor Irish might overcome their financial problems if they sell their kids as food for rich people. This ironical overstatement makes fun of the British policies toward the Irish. In addition, it also shows the cruel satirical perspective towards poor people.

This book ‘A Modest Proposal’ is also an example of the early modern western satire. The essay also works for an exceptional prologue to the idea and usage of contrary language. In addition, it is also included in numerous worldwide literature courses and various different teachings in the arts and humanities.

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A Modest Proposal PDF Download by Jonathan Swift

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This work is in the public domain, so you can get a free copy from the links below. While the source is: Gutenberg.org

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