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Moby Dick PDF book free downloadYou can download Moby Dick PDF from this page. It is one of some great classic old English Novels. It is also called The Whale because it was first published with this name. Later it was published in the USA with the new name Moby Dick. The author was Herman Melville. It was published in 1851.

Moby Dick PDF by Herman Melville book review

This adventure fiction novel is considered as an outstanding literary work ever written on the sea. Melville spent one and half year to write this novel, but it was not commercially successful till then he was alive. Only a few thousand copies were sold that earn him a very little amount. However, in the 20th century, it became highly successful. And it made his place in great American novels.

This great imaginary piece of work has been narrated by Ishmael, who was a sailor. He describes the story of a crazy man Ahab, who wants to start a war against a big white whale Moby Dick. Ahab is the Captain of a whaler ship. In his previous voyage Moby Dick had destroyed his ship. Ahab’s leg was also severed at the knee during that incident. Now he wants to take the revenge from that dangerous creature.

Although it is an adventure fiction novel, but a reader can learn several useful information from it. We can also say it is an encyclopedia of whaling. It is based on the real life experiences of the author. The early pages of the novel explores something about the life in whaling in a very interesting and fun way.

Many people don’t want to read it when they see it is too long. No doubt it is a long story, but it is still not boring. It has the power to entertain you. If you read it again and again you will certainly find some new points and treasures. It is recommended, especially for the readers who like to read the stories about the sea or whaling.

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