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This is the 2nd short story collection by the author. The book contains fourteen different short stories and it published in October 1927. Most of these tales had already appeared in magazines. A few of these tales are also considered the best literary work by the author such as Hills Like White Elephants, The Killers and In Another Country.

Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway, book description

A collection of stories whose title is not explained by the name of one of the stories. Men Without Women is one of the most impactful experiences of the great American writer. Fascinating plot collisions and perfect word mastery in the stories side by side with modernist daring tricks of the 1920s.

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When you read the stories of men without women, you sometimes witness the lives of a bullfighter, a boxer or a soldier. Each story reveals different male portraits. Although, Hemingway’s male protagonists seem like powerful characters fighting the challenges, but they have a common fear “Losing”. Falling in love is the beginning of losing because women will lower their shields and make them vulnerable. Women will do what their enemies can’t do.

Hemingway masterfully, but at the same time very simply drew the attention of the reader to a simple story. In which there is also a lot of mystery and understatement. He created only a string, and provided us with the opportunity to guess and suggest.

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As a famous Nobel Prizewinning author, he is one of the most widely read writers in the world. A book with many different stories that will change your thoughts about men and you cannot leave after you have started.

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Men Without Women by Ernest Hemingway PDF Free Download

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