Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus PDF

Men are From Mars Women are From Venus PDF

Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus PDF

Men are from mars women are from Venus PDF is the title of the highest ranked nonfiction book that we are going to discuss today. We will also share the link of this bestseller, self help book here. This modern classic book is written by an American Author John Gray. It published in 1992.

A little information about the Author of Men are from mars women are from Venus PDF

John Gray the author of men are from mars women are from venus
John Gray the author of men are from mars women are from venus PDF

John Gray, PhD was born in 1951 in Houston, Texas. He is a lecturer, a psychologist and a relationship counselor. He helps the people to understand the differences between men and women for a better relationship. In his teenage he remained the assistant of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement. Gray spent nine years with him and learned the characteristics of a charismatic leader. Furthermore, Gray regularly writes a USA-syndicated column in several well known news publications that reaches to 30 million readers. His articles also appear in some other countries, including the UK and Canada. In addition, he is the author of seventeen books which help people to improve their life by making better relationships.

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A short review of the book

If you wish to live a happy life with your partner and if you want to understand the opposite gender to make satisfying relationship, then this book is for you. John Gray has explained so well about the reasons of the usual problems in relationships between women and men.

According to Gray, women and men always communicate by their own way. They express their feelings differently. It is easy to communicate with the opposite sex if we are aware of their behavior and reactions. We should focus on our partner’s behavior and should think which reaction is necessary in which situation. Furthermore, Gray also teaches us how we can reduce disappointment and distress in our relationship. It is only possible when we accept the difference between genders and respect our partner.

Behind the success of this book a vast experience of counseling of people has been driven by Gray. While, millions of readers have improved their relationships with their partners by understanding the differences between genders. However, some readers think it is sexist and stereotypical. But in fact the things have been mentioned by the author are mostly true and real.

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