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You can download another classic of ancient literature Meditations by Marcus Aurelius in PDF from this page. It is a remarkable collection of personal writings by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Without the purpose of publication, he wrote it as a personal diary. That’s why it has no official title. So, commonly it is called Meditations. Aurelius had written it during the military campaigns and the war on the borders of his Empire from 170 to 180 AD.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius book review

Meditations Marcus Aurelius PDF

The Meditations consists of 12 books in the Koine Greek language which belong to many intervals of Marcus’s life. These sayings have been written in the quotation form. Some of the paragraphs are long and somewhere is only a single sentence.

This well-expressed work shows Marcus’s own self-denying philosophy which enhances the lore of Stoicism. You will also find various recurring themes in the book. The main theme is the significance of self analyzing, restrain desire and the maturation of a cosmic viewpoint.

As a source of his self-improvement, the Emperor constantly reminds himself several outstanding lessons. His thoughtful sayings and repetitive directions are so powerful and inspiring. They enchant us to analyze our doings, avoid misjudgments and improve our lifestyles.

According to the author, you are what your thoughts make you. One can find happiness if he keeps his mind free from desires and alluring judgements. If he does correct analysis with unemotional justice, dignity and sympathy. He advises himself to stay away from pride and arrogance, it can lead one into unpleasant circumstances.

Some more strong lessons are about maintaining focus, conquer over the fear of death and avoid opulence. He convinces his mind that everything arrives from nature and it has to return in due time. He also teaches himself about unanimity, physical adversity and mental freedom.

The Meditations book is an extremely influential literary work. It is better to read it in small bites. If you study it with full attention, then you will feel it is full of wisdom.

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