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Les Miserables Book Free DownloadToday we will review and share the download link of another classic masterpiece of literature from the 19th century. It is Les Miserables book by Victor Hugo. This French epic and historical fiction novel was published in 1862. Its French title is widely used, though it is also called The Wretched or The Miserables. Its French version contains 1900 pages, whereas its English version consists of over 1400 pages. Therefore, it is included in the list of the longest ever novels in the history.

Besides English, it has also been translated in several languages. After its publication this novel got a wide commercial success. Since then it has been remained a very popular novel. Several Film and a number of dramatic adaptations placed it at the peak of popularity. Especially the musical, which was played in more than 40 countries.

Les Miserables Book review

Les Miserables book follows several characters from the early 19th century and their interactions. Especially the protagonist, Jean Valjean, which became the most popular character in the history of literature. Jean Valjean was accused of stealing a loaf of bread for his family. He was imprisoned for five years. But he was released after 19 years due to his escape attempts.

In this novel the author has criticized on the French political system and Judiciary. He has also tried to portray the history and architecture of France, anti monarchism as well as the types of familial and romantic love by analyzing the nature of law and judicial systems. This novel reveals a lot about the Parisian criminals, prostitutes and the darkest sides of the French society in the nineteenth century.

With a compelling story line and brief descriptions a reader comes to know the brilliant power of literature. He feels himself lost in the beautiful story of struggle between the evil and good. Its wonderful characters teach you sacrifice, sympathy and morality. In spite of the fact that it is too long, it still doesn’t bore the reader. Overall you will enjoy reading this marvelous piece of work. It not only gives you happiness, but also forces you to become a better human being.

Les Miserables Book download links

This excellent novel is available on the public domain for free. We are sharing its download links below. Just choose your desired link.

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For the readers who love to read in paperback buy it online. The link has been placed below.

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