Khwabon Ki Tabeer PDF Book in Urdu Free Download

Today we will share a download link of Khwabon Ki Tabeer PDF book. This book is in Urdu language, while the author of this wonderful Urdu literary work is Mr. Mufti Muhammad Faiz Ahmad Awaisi. He has written this book with a lot of hard work and research.

A few more details about this work

Khwabon Ki Tabeer book in Urdu free Download

The author has briefly explained about dreams and how to know their interprets. For those, who want to know the meanings of their dreams, this book is a great gift. Everyone can easily learn and understand his dream’s meanings and know the interpret.

It is an exe file, so you can directly run it on your computer after the download. The size of the file is 5.47 MB, whereas its browsing is also very nice. Finding anything is really easy and simple.

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Where to get Khwabon Ki Tabeer PDF book

This excellent and full of knowledge book is available online on different websites. We have noticed that there is no issue to share its links. So, if you want to save this work Khwabon Ki Tabeer PDF into your devices, just go to the link below.


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    1. Yes Aman Raza bhai ALLAH jaza de janab Mufti Faiz Ahmad Awaisi sahib ko aur Muhammad Kashif Ashrafi Attari Sahib ko jinho ne yeh kitan murattab ki hai.

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